My grow new hair experience

My hair has been chemically treated many times. My first product that I used to lighten my hair was sun in. I was only 14 years old. I should’ve listened to my mom. She always told me not to mess with my hair. Sun in is a spray that’s supposed to give your hair illuminating highlights and streaks. My hair is naturally black. I’ve always like the lightened blonde look. I’ve always thought it makes me look brighter. Highlights my skin tone. My skin tone is brown. While using sun in, it took a few process and a few times to get my hair lighten. I would have it sprayed on my hair and be in the sun for awhile till you see some lightening. It was very harsh on my hair. Made it very dry.

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I’ve also tried relaxing my hair. My hair is naturally wavy. My mom was against me getting my hair relaxed. I did it anyway. I loved it at first. It took away the frizziness away and made my hair really straight. Over sometime as my hair grew out and the straightening product has washed off my hair. It’s been about 3 months for it to last. I could feel my hair breaking and dry with a lot of split ends. I blow dry and straighten my hair a lot. A lot of heat on my hair.

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I’ve been through many hair issues. One day I was brushing my hair and straightening it until I notice a burning sensation on my scalp. I thought I burned my scalp with the flat iron. I ignored it, thinking it was just a burn from the plates of the iron because I’m always clumsy and burning myself. I’ve burn my ears a few times straightening my hair. I was brushing my hair and noticed a nickel size bald spot on the side top of my scalp. I was really devastated. I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve been doing research on bald scalps and ways to grow back. Maybe it had to do with stress and alopecia. It might have been due to stress. I have been stressing a lot about work. Just working so much, not having time to enjoy my family and myself. And yet, not making enough income. I’ve always ask myself that, why am I working so much, yet not making enough.

I’ve found some oils that worked for me. It helped condition my hair and smooth out the ends. In a mixing bowl I would add coconut oil, a few drops of peppermint oil, and tea tree oil. Massage it into scalp and leave on for an hour or longer. I would have it on a few hours before I would take a shower.
I’ve also tried neem oil. I didn’t like the smell on my hair. It smelled like curry.¬† It was really smelly.

I’ve tried amla powder. Which is known as Indian gooseberry and amalaki. It is one of the most important plant in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and has been known for beneficial properties for thousands of years in India. It’s know to soothing sore eyes and relieving skin infections. It benefits the hair and scalp as a conditioner. Promotes hair growth, and reduces grey hair.

I have also done the coffee hair treatment. The caffeine in coffee stimulates your roots by improving it structure and growth. Coffee also makes the hair softer and shinier. It also adds natural highlights. It’s a great natural hair color to cover up grey hair. Mix coconut oil and coffee. Make sure coffee is cool. I always have left over coffee, so I save some to put on my hair.

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I just mix up 1 cup coffee, with I tablespoon coconut oil. Mix together. Rub and massage onto scalp. Cover your hair with a hair, wrap so you won’t be dripping coffee all over.¬†Leave on about an 2 hours or longer. Rinse off with your favorite shampoo. Enjoy your dark, shiny hair.

It’s been about 3 months now since the baldness on my scalp. I could notice slowly some hair growing. I wanted my hair to be fuller and healthier. I did more research. I found Just Natural Hair care. Grow New Hair Treatment. I read the ingredients. It had a lot of natural essential oils. I made a purchase. I got the grow new hair treatment.

I received my order in the mail and read the directions. I equally sprayed it all over my scalp, gave it a massage and left it on for an hour. Smells really great. I washed my hair with only shampoo, didn’t need to condition, and my hair was full of volume. I was really amazed. WOW!!! Its also a great leave in treatment. I just spray on a little after washing it as it takes away frizz. This product is the best hair product I have used. I been using the grow new hair treatment and shampoo for 8 months now and loving it. My hair is fuller, shinier, and healthier. My natural curls looks so much better than ever. Ever since using this product I use less heat on my hair. I love the natural look. It’s been making my hair grow fast. Now it’s better than ever. Best product that really works!"Grow